Fire in the fridge

WKND 3.0

Snowboard events focused on progression, creativity & fun. Not just for the selected few, but for everyone!


Wknd 3.0 Skidome Terneuzen

3, 2, 1, GO!

Every event we host the Bakedsnow downhill which is fast, dangerous & a lot of fun! May the fastest croissant win! As you can see down below, the battle was real. Photo by Jascha vd Wijden.

Wknd 3.0 was insane! Riders from all over Europe showed up to have one hell of a weekend. The riders were battling for  Cash4tricks, too many goodies to count, Rock A Rail wildcards and much more. Check out the edit down here by Postland Theory.

Fire in the fridge  Uithof edition

Fire in The Uithof had one of the craziest parks ever seen in the Dutch domeland. We’re known for our crazy setups, but this one really took it to the next level. From Waterfall rails, double kinks to Gap rails, we had it all. Check out the edit below by Sjoerd Wesselink.